Doctoral candidates may be enrolled for six semesters at the maximum. Enrolment takes place at the "Studentenkanzlei". Termination of enrolment will occur automatically after six semesters' time. It is, under certain conditions (such as pregnancy or maternity leaves), possible to take a leave of absence.

As a doctoral candidate, you are exempt from tuition fees. The only fee which must be paid payable is the so-called "Semesterbeitrag" (which consists of a contribution to the student union and the fees for a semester public transport ticket).

Please note: Even after termination of enrolment, it is possible for you to continue and finalise your doctoral project at the University of Bamberg within the same frame of supervision and the same PhD regulations as before! Accordingly, enrolment is not mandatory for doctoral candidates, but it is still advisable, as it affords several advantages such as the use of a university chip-card and further information and communication-related platforms.

Using the Library

The student ID card you get with your enrolment also serves as a library card for both the University Library and the State Library (Staatsbibliothek). Read more ...