Health Insurance

It is required that visiting scholars and their accompanying family members have health insurance coverage.

Should you need a visa to enter Germany, it can only be issued if you can provide proof of health insurance from your first day in Germany forward. Proof of insurance is also required when applying for a residence permit.

Please check in advance that your domestic insurance covers doctors’ and hospital costs during your stay in Germany. Your insurance provider must confirm in writing that you are also covered in Germany. Should your home coverage not suffice, you must take out additional insurance for your time in Germany.

If this applies to you, we recommend that you procure travellers’ health insurance in your home country that will cover your first weeks in Bamberg. You can then choose an insurance policy from a German provider after your arrival.

Depending on your source of funding, you have the following options:

Employment Stay

With a gross yearly income of up to € 62.550  (income threshold for compulsory insurance), you must be insured with a statutory health insurance fund. The universal premium rate for statutory health insurance is 14.6%.

Statutory healthcare benefits are to a large extent fixed. Some variation can however be found in the areas of customer service and additional and optional coverage. You may choose any statutory healthcare that you wish. The Welcome Center would be happy to offer advice.

If your gross yearly income is over € 62.550, you have the option of choosing statutory or private insurance coverage. We would also be happy to provide information and advice concerning this option.

Scholarship Stay

If funding for your stay is provided by a scholarship, you must be insured privately. Oftentimes scholarship donors can recommend suitable insurance options. The Welcome Center would also be glad to help.

Special Case: EU Citizens

The following applies to citizens of EU member countries and citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland:

  • Short stays (less than 6 months):

If you have voluntary or required insurance in your home country, you can utilize insurance services in Germany and be compensated for costs by your regular provider. Medical costs must be paid up front, but receipts can be presented to the insurance provider in your home country. Costs, according to your domestic coverage, are then born by your regular provider; potential additional charges must be paid by the patient.

When claiming insurance benefits, prior authorisation from your domestic insurance provider is required.

  • Longer Stays (more than 6 months):

If you are a member of a statutory healthcare fund in your home country, your domestic provider will, on request, issue an E 106 form. You can then use this form to register yourself and your family with a German health insurance fund. This entitles you to claim all benefits to which German insurance fund members are entitled. The German health insurance provider then charges the costs to your home insurance fund.

General Liability Insurance

In Germany, each person is liable for harm or damages he or she causes other parties. Parents are held liable for their children. Therefore, if you are planning a longer stay in Bamberg, we recommend that you take out a private liability insurance policy in order to insure against claims brought on the grounds of accidentally inflicted harm or damage. We would be happy to provide you with assistance.