Profile Fields

Education & Life Planning

The University of Bamberg is at the very core of German research on lifelong educational trajectories: 2009 marked the initiation of the Bamberg-based National Educational Panel Study (NEPS). The nationwide, interdisciplinary network of excellence was coordinated by the university-run Institute for Longitudinal Educational Research Bamberg (INBIL) until late 2013. Since 1 January 2014, responsibility for the project lies with the newly founded Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories (LIfBi).

In addition to this large project, family research and institutional teaching and learning research are core focal areas in this profile field.


The Individual & Society

University of Bamberg scholars in the fields of psychology, the social sciences, and even computer science have turned their focus to the ever-experiencing individual – an entity with  resilient and fluctuating traits, intertwined in a web of relationships of varying character – and indeed to the whole of society and its various, interlocking processes, dependencies and relationships.

Society in political regimes (i.e. forms of government), as well as citizens and their individual political views make up the subject matter of the political science research in this profile field.


Languages & Cultures

This profile field’s main research topics include textual and material cultural products as well as the correlation of nature and culture. Corresponding to the range of subjects included, academic focus is placed equally on the various texts and languages of Europe, the Middle East, North and Latin America, and on further objects  and topics of (cultural) history and geography. Cultural Computing and Media Informatics expand this field by drawing on computer science-based solutions and digital research methods.


Business & Markets

Research in this field addresses the various modern economic issues and problems within corporations (including increasing demands regarding information technology), as well as recent and historical aspects of national and international markets and their shifts and transitions.