Examination regulations

You can find examination regulations including the amendment statutes here [LINK]. The examination regulations regulate the study and examination modalities, and they set the legal framework for your studies.

Module manual

You can find the current version of the module manual here (Modulhandbuch) older versions here (ältere Fassungen). The module handbook comprises detailed information on all modules, and you can find out about their content and formalities.


In the curriculum you can get a brief overview of the structure and the course of your studies (Curriculum)(99.2 KB, 1 page).

Internship brochure

Here, you will find instructions on how to register for the internship and the associated events.

Internship brochure from the winter semester of 2020/21 onwards Praktikumsbroschüre ab WS 20/21(927.0 KB)

Internship brochure until the summer semester of 2020 Praktikumsbroschüre bis SoSe 20(586.6 KB)

List of examiners and bachelor thesis supervisors

Here(99.7 KB)you will find the list of persons authorized to take examinations at the Institute and also an overview of possible bachelor thesis supervisors.