Foreign and security policy attitudes in the USA and Germany

A comparison of structures, dynamics and determinants on the mass and elite level

Principal Investigators: Prof. Dr. Harald Schoen; Prof. Dr. Hans Rattinger (University of Mannheim)

Research Staff: Matthias Mader, M.A.; Dipl.-Pol. Jana Pötzschke (University of Mannheim)

Runtime: 36 Months (April 2010 - March 2013)

Funding: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

Additional Information (in German):Interview der Uni-Bamberg News mit Harald Schoen und Matthias Mader;IDW-Pressemitteilung "Ja zur Bundeswehrreform"

Research Goals

The project aims at comparing foreign and security policy attitudes of elites and the mass public in Germany and the United States of America since the end of the cold war in 1989/90. To this end, survey data of substantial interest are acquired and analyzed. As a first in comparative attitudinal research, a cognitive and psychological perspective provides the theoretical background of the analysis. The objects of analysis range from structures and dynamics to determinants of attitudes. Furthermore, special attention is paid to the interdependence of elite opinion and mass attitudes.

Various questions from the disciplines of attitudinal research and foreign policy analysis are answered, shedding light on how elite and mass attitudes have changed in the US as well as in Germany in a changing international system. As for attitudinal research, a particular research question in this vein is: Have elites and the public in both countries grown apart from each other since the end of the cold war, or is it rather a growing apart of nations from each other? Foreign policy analysis will gain from the clarification of the relationship between public opinion and elite preferences in helping understand the decision-making process in both countries.


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