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Political Science

Political Science Research at the University of Bamberg...

  • ... stands out due to its use of empirical methods.
  • ... conducts projects that are literally theory-driven case studies using quantitative and/or qualitative methods of inquiry.
  • ... is related to questions of political decision-making, its societal preconditions, its emergence, impact and normative evaluation.
  • ... performs within national and international networks.
  • ... is commited to interdisciplinary thinking through faculty- and university-wide institutions.
  • ... contributes especially to the education of MA and PhD students.

Current research projects

Theory of International Organizations and the United Nations Security Council

Principal Investigator: Professor Gehring
Funded by: DFG, the German Science Foundation

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Voting Behaviour in the German Bundestag

Principal Investigators: Professor Saalfeld, Bailer [ETH Zurich] and Dr. Sieberer [Constance]
Funded by: the Fritz Thyssen Foundation

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Pathways to Power: The Political Representation of Citizens of Immigrant Origin in Seven European Democracies

Principal Investigators: Professors Saalfeld, Morales [Leicester], Cinalli [Sciences Po Paris], Tillie [Amsterdam]
Funded by: ANR France, DFG Germany, ESRC UK, NWO The Netherlands

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Research areas

Modern Political Theory

The comtemporary social analysis employing modern theories of collective action lies at the forefront of this research area. With reference to the history of political thought we focus on the core topics of Justice, Freedom and Peace in and across political communities. For further information please proceed to the research website of the Chair of Political Theory.

Political attitudes and behaviour

This field of research is interested in political attitudes and the behaviour of citizens in democracies. Using methods of social inquiry these focal points are linked to the study of Political Communication and Political Psychology. For further information please proceed to the research website of the Chair of Political Sociology.

International and European Politics

At the forefront of this research area lie questions about the dynamics of international and European politics, for instance, what preconditions are required to facilitate cooperation between nation states, which role international institutions or the European Union play, or how foreign policy decision-making takes place. For further information please proceed to the research website of the Chair of International Relations or to the research website of the Juniorpfessorship for Political Science and European Integration

Comparative Politics and Public Policy Analysis

We investigate national political institutions, policy-making and institutional change from a comparative and actor-centred perspective. Core themes are parliamentary processes, coalitions, electoral campaigns and decision-making procedures of political parties and groups, as well as, differences and similarities of economic and social policies and how these are influenced by the globalization and europeanization. For further information please proceed to the research website of the Chair of Comparative Politics, the research website of the Professorship of Empirical Political Science, or the research website of the Professorship of Comparative Public Policy Analysis.