There can be different reasons for the recognition of credits, for each of which different procedures apply (see below).

A recognition of credits can lead to an upgrade of the number of semesters (one semester per 30 ECTS credits) depending on the extent of the recognised credits.

In general, modules that were not completed in our degree programme ("foreign modules") can be credited for modules of the MA Political Science ("target modules") if the foreign module is essentially equivalent to the target module in terms of content and scope of performance. The following applies: As a rule, the foreign module must have at least as many ECTS points as the target module. Only modules that have been completed at MA level can be credited.

In general, you do not need an explicit and collected Learning Agreement from our side for the study abroad, as long as you adhere to the process procedures described above. Other institutions (e.g. partner university, International Office) may require a Learning Agreement.

Applies to all achievements, regardless of the university and regardless of the degree programme

  •  Credit suggestion: Check your foreign module(s) for equivalence with potential target module(s). The module description in the Module Handbook (MHB) is relevant for this.
  •  Subject examination:Submit your individual credit proposals to the module coordinator (via e-mail, the respective module coordinators are named in the MHB). For this purpose, use the corresponding credit form and enclose a meaningful description of the external module.
  •   Examination board: The proposals recognised by the module representatives should then be forwarded collectively to the chairperson of the examination board. Please also enclose the corresponding certificates of achievement (transcript). Your achievements will then be automatically booked in FlexNow.

If you need help with any of these steps, please contact the Student Advisory Service.

Applies to modules that are identical to the target modules (e.g. if you change from BWL to PoWi within the University of Bamberg and have already completed PoWi elsewhere). This does not apply to e.g. methods modules from other universities (see case 1).

  • In this case, the equivalence test does not apply, as it is one and the same module.
  • In this case, please contact the examination board directly and enclose your Flexnow extract. Please also indicate which modules you would like to transfer.

Applies to achievements that were taken as part of a study abroad programme during the Bamberg Political Science degree programme.

Does not apply to achievements from foreign universities that were taken before the start of studies in Bamberg.

In this case, you should always have the credit possibilities checked before choosing a course.

Option a): Crediting in the supplementary area
Modules from the guided study abroad can be brought in, as long as they are essentially NOT equivalent to Bamberg modules. Otherwise, you have complete freedom of choice here, also for non-political science modules. Please note that a maximum of 30 ECTS points (focus CSS: 16 ECTS points) can be brought in from abroad and non-political science subjects.

  • A (prior) examination is not necessary. However, if you are unsure whether a course abroad is sufficiently different from a certain Bamberg module, ask beforehand to be sure.
  • Send your credit application directly to the examination board. The modules are automatically booked in Flexnow. If necessary, your semester number will be upgraded (one semester per 30 ECTS points).

Option b): Credit for specific target modules
Foreign modules from the study abroad can also be credited for specific Bamberg modules. The procedure is analogous to the crediting of achievements from a previous study programme (see case 1). However, please clarify the module equivalence before taking the courses.

Case 4: Crediting of achievements within the framework of a double-degree programme

The crediting of achievements is regulated and specified individually for each double master's programme. The specific credits are described on the pages of the respective programmes. This greatly simplifies the crediting process: you only need to fill out the simplified crediting form for double master's programmes and send it to the examination board together with your transcript.

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