Examinations and Essay Writing

Examination times

For dates of oral and written exams, please contact our secretary Mrs Kohlmann.

Dissertations (BA/MA) in Political Theory

Attendance of the colloquium (Oberseminar)

If you intend to write your BA or MA dissertation in Political Theory, you are required to attend the colloquium (‘Seminar für Examenskandidaten: aktuelle Forschungsprobleme und -methoden’) which provides a platform for presentation and discussion of your research question as well as your thesis’ methodological approach. In addition, guest speakers are invited to present their current research.(90.3 KB)Details (German)(90.3 KB)

Further information

Reading lists for exams can be found here (German). If you have further questions, please contact the respective examiners directly.

In case of illness, a medical certificate (issued on the date of the exam) must be presented within three days of the exam. More information can be found here (German).

Essay writing

Writing an essay can appear to be a somewhat daunting prospect. If you would like to discuss how to choose a research question, which approach to adopt and how to present your essay, please contact our staff. You can also find a general guide on essay writing here (German).

Submission of your essay must include a declaration on plagiarism. You can find the declaration here (German).

Submission deadlines are set by individual course conductors. Generally, though, essays are written during holidays and due at the start of the subsequent semester.