Our Profile

Political Theory has in the past years undergone fundamental change, which hitherto has been seen most notably in the Anglo-American part of the discipline. On the one hand, this change refers to substance, with Political Theory having opened itself up to movements in analytic philosophy and the Philosophy of Science. On the other hand, it concerns methodology. These methodological developments are characterised by an increasing recourse to formal political theories, particularly as they are applied through the use of game theory and theories of political economy. These changes are reflected both in our research and teaching profile.

As a consequence, our understanding of Political Theory is characterised by a broad spectrum of themes which spans from the history of political ideas to current developments in analytic philosophy. As such, we cover:

  • game theory and computer simulations
  • action and decision theories
  • economic models of politics
  • Philosophy of the Social Sciences
  • Political Philosophy and normative theories
  • History of political ideas.

Our underlying objective is to adapt and utilise these theories for contemporary analyses of society.

Accordingly, Political Theory today is:    

  • multifaceted following development into new fields of research.
    Political Theory comprises specialised areas of Political Theory such as game theory and computer simulations, normative theories, economic modelling and Philosophy of Science as well as traditional studies of the discipline’s history of thought.
  • integrated throughout the whole of Political Science.
    By providing application-oriented models for the empirical fields of Political Science, important theoretical input is brought to bear in analysing political phenomena.
    At the same time, Political Theory supplements empirical research by examining its theoretical and methodological foundations.   
  • problem-oriented in that it is not exclusively dedicated to the mere conservation of political theories.
    Instead, modern Political Theory embraces Political Science's history of ideas as a valuable resource for the contemporary analysis of societies based on modern instruments.