Frank Bandau, PhD

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Research Interests

I’m a scholar of party politics, the welfare state and the wider political economy. My research focuses on the retrenchment and restructuring of European welfare states, with a special focus on Sweden, Britain and Germany. Taking a historical perspective, I’m especially interested in the long-term strategies of political parties and other political actors to shape the institutional structure of welfare programs according to their preferences. In my further research I analyze the policies and politics underlying the increasing income inequality in Europe, the causes of programmatic party change and Icelandic politics during and after the Great Recession.

Curriculum Vitae(180.8 KB) (180.8 KB)

Recent Publication

Wohlfahrtsstaatliche Strukturen und Parteieneffekte. Eine vergleichende Analyse sozialpolitischer Konfliktmuster in Großbritannien, Schweden und Deutschland.
(84.8 KB, 1 page)Baden-Baden: Nomos.(84.8 KB, 1 page) 

Do parties (still) make a difference in social policy-making? The study takes an innovative perspective on this disputed question. On the basis of comparative case studies about labor market and pension politics in the United Kingdom, Sweden and Germany, the study demonstrates that partisan conflicts are decisively shaped by the existing welfare state structures. Thus, parties matter but the nature of partisan conflicts differs remarkably among welfare states. Moreover, as welfare structures are the result of previous policies one has to consider institutionalized partisan effects. In contrast to conventional studies, the book does not stop at analyzing differences concerning welfare generosity but also incorporates conflicts about the often hotly contested funding and administration of welfare programs.

Further Publications

Frank Bandau/Kathrin Dümig (2015): Verwaltung des deutschen "Beschäftigungswunders". Die Arbeitsmarktpolitik der schwarz-gelben Regierung, 2009-2013, in: Reimut Zohlnhöfer, Thomas Saalfeld, (Hrsg.): Politik im Schatten der Krise. Eine Bilanz der Regierung Merkel 2009-2013, Wiesbaden: Springer VS, 373-396.

Frank Bandau/Kathrin Dümig (2014): Admininstering the Inherited 'Employment Miracle'. The Labour Market Policy of the Second Merkel Goverment, in: German Politics 23(4), 337-352.

Frank Bandau (2013): Wer zahlt für die Krise? Die Politik der Schuldenbekämpfung in Island und Großbritannien, in: der moderne staat 6(2), S. 441-461. 

Frank Bandau (2013): Sparen linke und rechte Parteien anders? Die krisenbedingte Konsolidierungspolitik Islands und Großbritanniens im Vergleich, in: Hubertus Buchstein (Hrsg.): Die Versprechen der Demokratie, 25. wissenschaftlicher Kongress der DVPW, Baden-Baden: Nomos, S. 169-189.

Frank Bandau (2008): Der amerikanische Neokonservatismus. Eine Einordnung in die Theorie der Internationalen Beziehungen. Saarbrücken: VDM Verlag.

Unpublished Manuscripts

Frank Bandau (2015): Partisan Politics in the Long Shadow of the Golden Age. Paper presented at the 13th Annual ESPAnet Conference, Odense, September 2015.

Frank Bandau (2014): Contested Welfare Institutions. The Conservative Attack on the Swedish Ghent System. Paper presented at the 12th Annual ESPAnet Conference, Oslo, September 2014.

Reimut Zohlnhöfer/Frank Bandau (2012): Policy or Office and Votes? The Determinants of Programmatic Change in West European Political Parties. Prepared for 38th Annual Conference of the International Association for the Study of German Politics (IASGP), London, Mai 2012.

Reimut Zohlnhöfer/Frank Bandau (2012): Policy or Office and Votes? The Determinants of Programmatic Change in West European Political Parties (Annex).(316.9 KB)

Frank Bandau (2011): Do Parties Still Matter in Protecting the Unemployed? A Contextualized Comparison of Great Britain, Sweden and Germany. Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the DVPW section for Political Economy, Bamberg, September 2011.