Institutional Complexes and Interinstitutional Interaction

Project Description

International governance institutions do not exist in isolation from each other. Frequently, they overlap both in regard to their membership and their respective issue-area. Thus, governance effects emerge from institutional complexes made up of a number of separately established institutions. Moreover, international institutions affect each others’ normative development and performance. Institutional fragmentation and the increasing institutional density within the international system accelerate interaction among institutions.

The project on institutional complexes was driven by two objectives.

First, a number of causal mechanisms were to be identified that were capable of explaining how one international institution can affect another international institution.

Secondly, intstitutional complexes were to be examined as systems of institutions that produce, over time, systemic effects. Here, the project was particularly concerned with the division of labour among the elemental institutions.



Selected Publications

Gehring, Thomas and Benjamin Faude (2014): A Theory of Emerging Order within Institutional Complexes: How Competition Among Regulatory International Institutions Leads to Institutional Adaptation and a Division of Labor. In: Review of International Organizations, Vol. 9, No. 4, pages 471-498.

Gehring, Thomas and Benjamin Faude (2013): The Dynamics of Regime Complexes: Microfoundations and Systemic Effects. In: Global Governance: A Review of Multilateralism and International Organizations, Vol. 19, No. 1, pages 119-130.

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Sebastian Oberthür and Thomas Gehring [Hrsg.] (2006): Institutional Interaction in Global Environmental Governance. Synergy and Conflict among International and EU Policies. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press.


Selected Conference Papers

Odinius, Daniel (2013): Institutional Choice and Military Peace Operations - The Division of Labor
between Regional and Global Security Institutions in Peacekeeping and Peace
Enforcement. Paper presented at the 8th Pan-European International Relations Conference, Warsaw, 18-21 September.