European Integration (assistant professorship)

The Assistant Professorship for Political Science and European Integration comprises research and teaching in the fields of EU institutions, EU internal security policy, decision-making theories, and the theory of institutional and policy change as well as qualitative methods.

In her research, Ariadna Ripoll Servent, Assistant Professor for Political Science and European Integration, is particularly interested in the study of EU institutions (with a special focus on the European Parliament), decision-making processes and EU internal security policies (notably migration, borders and data protection).

The teaching of the assistant professorship comprises courses on topics such as European integration, EU internal security policies and EU institutions. The introductory course on European integration aims to provide students with an enhanced understanding of the development and functional operations of the European Union. In more advanced seminars, the objective is to go beyond a mere description of internal structures and to comprehend decision-making processes in the EU, as well as to critically assess political actors and internal structures. Some of these seminars are composed of a simulation game in which students are able to put the knowledge acquired during the course into practice. Another focus lies on qualitative methods.