MiniMUN 08.11.2021 report

On 08.11.2021 the first simulation conference for this year's delegation took place in Bamberg. After we had learned the most important basics about the procedural rules of a conference and the writing of a resolution in the previous sessions of the tutorial, we could practice this theoretical knowledge at our first MiniMUN in a small circle of the Bamberg delegation. For this we discussed the topic "The impact of climate change on global food security" within the framework of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, where each delegate was assigned a country to represent. We were able to gain a good insight into what is important at such a conference. Not only the observance of formalities and the presentation of the positions in the plenum through speeches are important, but also the negotiation and formulation of the resolutions (or their predecessors, the "working papers" and "draft resolutions"). Even though the evening was long, it was a lot of fun to discuss the topic and to learn a lot about the positions of the different countries. With these first experiences we are already looking forward to the next conference together with two other delegations in Nuremberg, and last but not least especially to the big goal: the conference in New York!