FAQs - Examinations

I took an exam and didn’t pass. Do I need to repeat the exam on the next possible examination date?

The exam needs to take place on the next possible regular examination date, but there is no forced registration. There will not be an automatic registration in FlexNow for the next possible regular examination date.

How many times can I repeat an exam?

An exam that hasn’t been passed can be repeated without limitation on each possible regular examination date until the end of the duration of your studies. (§11 (2) study guidlines).

I realised that I don’t like a certain compulsory core elective. Is it possible to take another one instead?

Even if you do not pass one compulsory core elective, you still can take another.

Are examinations that I didn’t pass mentioned in my certificate? Are additional voluntary performances mentioned in my certificate?

They will not be part of the certificate but you can generate a Transcript of Records with or without the failed attempts in FlexNow

Is it possible to take modules from the Master’s degree programme during my Bachelor studies and can they get accredited at a later point?

Yes, modules from the Master’s degree programme that you already took during your Bachelor studies can get accredited.

I changed my course of studies. Where can my previous performances get accredited?

Please use these forms for accreditation. 

I changed my course of studies. How do I get placed in the right semester?

Check out the study guidelines. (§ 9 (2)).

Is it possible to take modules from a Bachelor’s degree programme?

Generally it isn’t possible, except the module also is part of a Master’s degree programme at the University of Bamberg.

There are many courses offered by the VHB (www.vhb.org). Which ones can get accredited?

It is possible but should be agreed on with the Board of Examiners.

I couldn’t be present for the Introductory Course and don’t have a timetable. Which modules should I take in my first semester?

Please get this information from the slides of the Introductory Course.

Are there tuition fees for the Master’s degree programme?

You just have to pay the term fees. Additionally, there could be expenses for teaching materials, e.g. books.