Prof. Dr. Andreas Dix

Andreas Dix is Professor of Historical Geography at the University of Bamberg and head of the project on the German side. His research interests are planning and settlement policy in rural and urban areas since the early modern time, history of land use as well as cultural landscape and applied historical geography.


Johanna Trager

Johanna Trager has a bachelor’s degree in „Business Administration and Economics” (University of Passau) and absolved a one-year additional study program of Czech culture and language. In June 2021 she finished her master’s degree in “Economics and Public Policy” at the Prague University of Economics and Business.

Sandra Kropf

Sandra Kropf has been a student assistant in the German project team since August 2019. She holds a bachelor's degree in geography and history and has been a student in the master's program in historical geography at the Otto Friedrich University of Bamberg since the winter semester 2020/2021.

doc. Dr. phil. Lukáš Novotný M.A.

Lukáš Novotný is political scientist and sociologist and the Czech head of the project at the Institute of Political Science at the University of Ústí nad Labem. His research is primarily about crossborder-cooperation between Germany and the Czech Republic, EU regional policy and politics in Germanspeeking areas.


doc. Mgr. Pavel Maškarinec Ph.D.

Pavel Maškarinec is a research associate at the Institute of Political Science at the University of Ústí nad Labem and a project collaborator on the Czech side. A special focus of his research is on election studies, electoral behaviour, election geography, theory of democracy and challenges and opportunities of civil society.


PhDr. Sandra Kreisslová Ph.D.

Sandra Kreisslová is a research associate at the Department of Psychology and Cultural Studies at the Czech Agricultural University in Prague and a project associate on the Czech side. Her research focuses on contemporary historical migration and integration processes, transformation in the border regions of Bohemian countries after 1945, memory culture of Germans from Bohemian countries, biographical method and oral history.


Patrick Reitinger M.A.

Patrick Reitinger is a doctoral candidate at the Professorship of Historical Geography at the University of Bamberg and coordinates the research process in the German-Czech team. His research focuses on borders, border areas and cross-border relations, on the political and social handling of rural-peripheral areas and on the history of ideas in spatial and landscape planning in the 20th century.


Administrative Assistant

  • Mgr. Jana Burdová (Ústí nad Labem)

Former Team Members

  • Julia Eisenmann B.Sc. (Bamberg, 01.08.2019-30.06.2020)
  • Mandy Baum (Bamberg, 01.08.2020-31.12.2020)
  • Nadine Dietzel (Bamberg, 01.08.2019-30.06.2020)