Recognition of External Achievements

Recognition of External Study and Examination Achievements

Study and Examination Achievements that have been acquired at other universities, in Germany or abroad, can be recognized if the contents and examination requirements are equivalent to the requirements of the respective study program.

The recognition is based on the concept of significant differences. The modules to be recognized will be checked according to several indicators:


  • Level
  • Workload
  • Quality
  • Profile
  • Learning Outcomes


The following documents have to be handed in, either in English or German, in order to check the above mentioned indicators:

  • Detailed module descriptions of the external university
  • Transcript of records (incl. grading system)


Within the Sociology Department, the following representatives of disciplines are responsible for the recognition:

  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Kern: General Sociology, Fundamentals of Sociology, Comparative Macrosociology, Sociology of Communications and Media
  • Prof. Dr. Sandra Buchholz: Sociology of Life Courses, Family, Education and Labor
  • Prof. Dr. Elmar Rieger: European and Global Studies
  • Prof. Dr. Henriette Engelhardt-Wölfler: Population Science
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Gebel: Methods of Empirical Social Research
  • Prof. Dr. Olaf Struck: Labor Science
  • Prof. Dr. Cornelia Kristen: Sociology of Migration
  • Prof. Dr. Ilona Relikowski: Sociology of Education and Educational Research
  • Prof. Dr. Bernadette Kneidinger: Sociology of Communications and Media, Internet Sociology

For the recognitions of achievements in other disciplines, please get information from the representatives of the respective discipline.

Recognition of External Achievements acquired at German Universities

For the recognition of any external achievements completed at other German universities, please hand in your request for the transfer of credits as soon as possible and no later than one semester after starting your studies in Bamberg. A delayed application might cause impediments in the following planning of your study and exams. Only after the decision on that request, you will know which achievements will be recognized and which examination requirements still have to be accomplished at Bamberg.

To begin, please complete the accreditation application(88.1 KB, 1 page), using a new form for any and each partial examination.

Secondly, hand in your completed accreditation forms with copies of respective proof of achievement (certificate, transcript or the like) to the representative of the discipline. They will confirm, in written form, if the achievements are recognized. After having received the single confirmation, respective of all confirmations, please hand them in at the Examination Board (“Prüfungsausschuss”) attn. Dipl.-Soz. Susann Sachse-Thürer, Feldkirchenstr. 21, F21/01.15. In addition, please add an informal application where you list all modules and the respective module group in which you wish to integrate it. If you send the documents per post, please enclose a stamped addressed return envelope.

As soon as you receive a confirmation from the Examination Board, you may hand in your documents at the Examination Office (“Prüfungsamt”) and request the registration of your achievements in FlexNow.

Stay Abroad

After having decided to complete a stay abroad, within the framework of the study program you should first inform yourself thoroughly of various foreign universities and their course offerings. The recognition of foreign study and exam achievements is only possible if contents and examinations requirements are equivalent to the requirements of the respective study program. In particular, please check if the offered courses correspond to the module handbook for Sociology from the University of Bamberg. Usually the recognition of foreign achievements poses no problems.

Please note: The obligation to repeat an examination won’t be interrupted by leaves of absence. This is only possible upon request to Examination Board.

In order to inform yourself about the partner universities of the University of Bamberg as well as the requirements for a stay abroad, please see the information provided by the International Office.

Time Slot of the Stay Abroad


Within the undergraduate study program, the integration of a stay abroad is recommended subsequent to the research internship. At that stage all two-semester courses will be accomplished, thus students are more flexible in the planning of their stay abroad.

The recognition of external achievements will be particularly easy if they have a high correspondence to the modules offered at Bamberg. Of course, students should also be able to enroll in courses that are not offered at Bamberg. In this respect, the recognition of modules not offered in Bamberg is most likely if students integrate them into the module group ‘Contextual Studies’ (“Kontextstudium”).