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To be able to study modules in English and American Studies, students from other Master's programmes need to take the obligatory Placement Test. More information see below under "requirements".

"Erweiterungsbereich" English and American Studies at one glance

Start of programmeAll modules can be studied in the winter and the summer semester.

All modules can but do not have to be be concluded within one semester.


To study modules in English and Amerian Studies, students need to have a miminum score of 60 of 100 points in the English Placement Test (see § 38 der StuFPO).  The test is offered every semester and can be retaken any number of times. Basic knowledge in the core subjects of English and American Studies are highly recommended.


The "Erweiterungsbereich" English and American Studies does not include any courses from language practice but only modules from the three subject areas.

Contact and AdviceFor further questions or individual advice, please contact the Academic Advisors of the Master English and American Studies.

Module description

To study English and American Studies as part of another Master's programme, the following modules are open to you. For more information on the modules themselves (e.g. requirements), please check the module handbook (German only).

We suggest the following varieties of studying modules in English and Amerian Studies:

Variety I: You wish to several modules from the same subject area

We suggest you start with the Compulsory Module: Master Module (10 ECTS), then move on either to Profile Module I (10 ECTS) or Profile Module III (8 ECTS) (or both) depending on how many credits you need.

Variety II: You wish to study modules from several subject areasWe suggest you study the Compulsory Module: Master Modules (10 ECTS each) of the subject areas you wish to study. If you need modules yielding only 8 ECTS, you may also select Profile Modules III.

Please note: These modules do not have to be studied in consecutive order. Students can decide freely if they wish to study 10 or 8 ECTS modules.