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Research data


You can reach the central RDM service at:

e-mail: fdm(at)

phone: +49 951/863-1536

Research data as the basis and result of scientific research are constantly increasing in volume and relevance against the background of the ever-growing availability of data, storage and computing capacities. Therefore, research data management (RDM), which covers the entire life cycle of research data from its collection to long-term archiving, is an integral part of a research project.

In cooperation with the Department of Research Funding and Transfer (Z/FFT), the University Library, the University Archive (Z/ARCH) and the IT-Service (ITS), the central RDM service offers organisational and technical support for all aspects of the research data life cycle. This ranges from the application process to questions about data storage, management, exchange and backup to publication and archiving in a suitable trustworthy repository.