Open Access Magazines

Publishing papers in open access magazines is called the "Golden Way" of open access publishing. Open access magazines freely make their content available publically. They do not limit the publications to institutions that can pay the subscription fees. Generally, quality is checked in peer reviews, much like in traditional magazines. Open access magazines do incur costs; however, they can be covered by public funds, institutional members, and publication fees (author-pays-models). This way, there are no subscription and licencing costs which are often quite high. The financing of publication fees of peer-reviewed open access magazines is supported by the central open access fund of the Otto Friedrich University. Click here to learn more about applying for assistance with publication fees.

One example of an open access magazine with a high impact factor is the Public Library of Science (PLoS). The Directory of Open Access Journals offers a comprehensive list of open access magazines.

Many traditional magazine publishers allow secondary publications of articles originally published with them. Thus your work can also appear as a preprint or postprint on the webpages of the University.

In its open access declaration, the management of the University requests that its scientists make the original, a preprints or a postprint of their publications and research results available in FIS, i.e. in the Current Research Information System of the University.

This significantly increases visibility and documents can be found much more easily in search machines and reference services. Please refer to the Sherpa/Romeo list to find out which magazines allow for secondary publications on the web pages of the University.