Open Access Publishing

The Otto Friedrich University supports publications in open access magazines, in its Current Research Information System and through its publisher, the University of Bamberg Press.

In its open access declaration, it acknowledges the principles of open access as laid out in the "Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities".

Please refer to our leaflet [German only](384.7 KB, 2 pages) to find out more about open access publishing and how to utilize the open access funds of the University to help with the costs of publishing.

Open Access describes the publishing of scientific papers at no charge, publicly on the internet, where anyone can access, copy, spread, and cite them without any limitations, as long the author is clearly and correctly mentioned. The author retains all rights to the publication.

Scientific articles in open access journals can thus be spread quickly and easily - worldwide. They can be found and accessed more easily. The quality of open access journals is often checked the same way as that of traditional printed journals. Thus, open access publishing increases the visibility of research results and emphasises the impressive performance of the university.

The management of the University encourages its scientists to publish their work in open access journals, and to foster open access magazines as auditors and publishers. The financing of the publication fees of these open access journals, which are checked for their quality, is facilitated through a central open access fund. You can ask the University Library to pay these fees for you by applying for funds.

There are two options for open access publishing: the "Golden Way" and the "Green Way".

The term "Golden Way" describes the publishing of scientific papers directly in open access journals or through open access publishers. Often, the financing of open access magazines is facilitated in a model financed by the authors. The author does have to pay a publication fee. However, this way they can avoid subscription or licencing costs, which tend to be quite high. At the Otto Friedrich University, a central Open Access Fund helps with the publication fees of open access journals; these journals are checked for their quality.

The term "Green Way" describes a simultaneous publishing of research papers that are planned or have already been published on document servers (so-called repositories). Most academic publishers will allow for magazine articles to be pre- or post-published. In its open access declaration, the management of the University calls on its researchers to publish their work and research results on the publications server as an original or as a pre-print or post-print paper. This significantly increases visibility as such documents can be found on search machines and in bibliographic services.

Please refer to the Sherpa/Romeo listso find out for which magazines which publisher allows for secondary publishing on the web pages of the university. 

The University Library and the Research Funding and Transfer Centre (Dezernat Forschungsförderung und Transfer) provide details about open access options. They also advise those affiliated with the University on open access publishing, on financing open access publications, and on how to take open access research project into consideration.

Bamberg University Library
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If you have any questions regarding the consideration of Open Access when applying for research projects, you can contact the Department of Research Funding and Transfer:

Dezernat Forschungsförderung und Transfer (Research Funding and Transfer Centre)