Tips and tricks for the literature search in the Bamberg Catalogue

the following tips might be helpful:

  • Don’t only stick to the given terms from your topic while searching.
  • Be creative and try to use generic and narrower terms, synonyms, semantically related words …
  • Try to search with English terms, too.

Found too many hits?

  • Try linking search terms to each other. In this way you specialize your search and limit your number of hits.
  • Avoid too general terms. Try to use specific terms.
  • Limit your search to certain years of publication (e.g. 2000- )


A, so called, truncation character - in most cases a * - will be added to the root word, that’ll cover every possible word ending.

For example: volcan* - will show you volcanism, volcanic eruption, volcanology…

Not enough hits?

Please check the following list:

  • No typos in the search term?
  • Are there any related terms or synonyms?
  • Will a truncation (see box) of the search term bring more hits?


If you like to learn more about research, search strategies and your way to the book please watch the video tutorial[German only] in the Bamberg Catalogue.