Further research tools


The Bamberg Catalogue also lists “articles and more” and is therefore also suitable to start a search.

For a deeper research you should also consider searching in databases. Databases run with a more sophisticated subject-indexing (e.g. Index, Thesaurus…) and can, therefore, provide results that cannot be found in the catalogue.

Databases also contain literature, that is not available in Bamberg. The next step after the research is also to check the availability of a hit (at the University Library, inter-library loans or, if necessary, as an electronic full text).

Access to the databases: Via the Database Information System (DBIS) on the homepage of the library. All databases are listed here.

Attention: All databases that are marked with a yellow or blue symbol cannot be accessed from home, but only from the computers in the branch libraries!

The most important databases for each subject have been indicated as “top databases” in DBIS.


Especially topics with a current reference is the search in the electronic newspapers of the University Library a good addition.

Lexica and dictionaries

You can also find online issues of different dictionaries, encyclopedia and reference works via the Database Information System.

For example: