Interesting facts about the University Library

The University Library of Bamberg consists of five branch libraries and an additional branch:

Branch library 1 (theology and philosophy) 

Branch library 2 (humanities)  

Branch library 3 (economic and social sciences, information systems, applied computer science) 

Branch library 4 (linguistics and literary studies) 

Branch library 5 (history studies and geosciences) 

ERBA library (computer science, communication science, arts, music science)

In the textbook collection and open-access sections of the branch libraries can you review and borrow books and journals.

A large proportion of books is not publicly accessible, but in the so-called depot. Those books must be ordered via the Bamberg Catalogue.

More information about opening hours and addresses can be found on each branch library webpage. You will also be able to acquire more information about the subject range, equipment and further usage possibilities.