Library Lunch

The little information snack at lunch time


Do you have a little bit of time during lunch break and are interested in the university library and it's services?

We have a little snack for you! The University Library Bamberg offers with the Library Lunch (German: "Bib um 12") short and snappy information bites. Currently in virtual form in Zoom. The library snacks take about 15 minutes. There's something for everyone's taste. Beginn is always at 12 o'clock at noon. See you there!


Dates summer semester 2021

Make your research accessible and reusable! The Research Information System (FIS) offers and supports green open access. It multiplies the reach and visibility of your publications. This sustainable added value of the FIS for scientists is presented today by "Library Lunch". Break through the paywall with your second publication and take the "green way".


All books? As if! Information comes prepared in many different forms to us as consuments. The menu offers everything from monographs over journal articles to grey literature. Experience a "tasting" of types of media with us and learn about their specifics when working with them academically.


A small green symbol behind the name - perhaps you have already come across the ORCID icon in a paper. What is behind it? What are the benefits of using an ORCID iD as a scientist? And what does the university library do to support you?  



Overcome the "paywall" of electronic journal articles and enter the wonderland of Open Access - all legally! How can you do this and what does your university library have to do with it? Find out in this episode of "Library Lunch".


Zotero is an open source software that runs on common operating systems (macOS, Linux, Windows). You'll learn all the essentials: from researching and organizing knowledge to creating citations and source lists with the Word plugin.


Teaching materials:

Presentation: Literaturverwaltungsprogramm Zotero(1.2 MB) [German only]

Online sessions, home office, lockdown, but still optimally provided with literature. In our first library lunch session we will introduce you to our e-book supply and we will show you how you can have access from home.