Reference management at the Chair using Citavi

Updating publication lists, keeping track of your articles saved in PDFs, maintaining a reference database together with other people: In this course you will learn how you can use Citavi to manage the literature at a Chair or in a work group.



In this course, we'll introduce you into using the program Citavi for the reference management at your department or in a research team. The topics are as follows:

  • Collecting and organizing bibliographical references
  • Finding articles as PDFs, storing them and link them to the reference
  • Compiling lists of publications and bibliographies in different formats with Citavi
  • Working with a literature database collectively (Citavi Team)


Secretaries and student auxiliaries responsible for reference management at a department or in a research team and/or maintain databases. No prior knowledge required.


90 minutes

Dates, Location, Registration

Sessions are available at all university locations for groups of at least 5 people. For scheduling, please contact the reference management team.


Should you have any question, please contact Hannah Daßler, Tel. 863-1557, or Louise Rumpf, Tel. 863-1506.