Citavi reference and knowledge management

Especially when it comes to extensive academic works, it is easy to lose track of what you have read. With the Citavi reference management programme, you can collect references, ideas, and citations and then simply copy them into your paper with a mouse click. The bibliography will be created automatically. Citavi only runs under Windows.


Switching to Zotero

The campus licence for Citavi expires on September 30th, 2023. If you are new to the subject of reference management, we recommend using Zotero.

To the library's Zotero courses

We offer Citavi courses as online courses with different topics. You are welcome to participate in several online courses.

  • The Citavi introduction is primarily aimed at people who have not yet worked with Citavi. We give a brief overview of the most important programme functions so that after the webinar you can start writing a term paper or thesis with Citavi.
  • In the webinar Word AddIn and Citation Styles, we go into detail about the different ways of inserting references from Citavi into Word. We show different citation options and formatting options and also go into the topic of chair citation styles.
  • If you want to use Citavi for more than just inserting nice bibliographical references, the course Knowledge Management with Citavi is the right place for you. This course is about how to keep track of what you have read and how to better structure your own work with academic texts.
  • Citavi: Tips and Tricks is aimed at all those who regularly work with Citavi. Here we show less familiar programme functions that are not absolutely necessary for working with Citavi, but can make life easier for regular users.


Citavi is a desktop application that only works under Windows; Citavi Web does not yet work flawlessly. For Mac and Linux users, we recommend our tutorial "web based literature management".

Target group

Bachelor's and Master's students, doctoral candidates, all interested parties


45 minutes each (30 minutes course + 15 minutes time for questions)

Dates, registration and participation

The events take place with Microsoft Teams. Please register in the virtual campus. There you’ll find a overview of the coming dates.


Should you have any question, please contact Hannah Daßler, Tel. 863-1557, or Louise Rumpf, Tel. 863-1506.

Campus licence

You can use Citavi for free as a member of the University. If you want to try out Citavi before attending the tutorial, you may find information about downloading, licencing and program settings here.