Download and Installation

Please follow the steps listed below to install Citavi and all of its components on a Windows PC: (If you have a different operating system, please click here for more details.)

On the Citavi website, you can download the software for free.

Citavi 4 will not work on old operating systems. Please use Citavi 3.4 if you are running Windows XP, for example.

Install Citavi and Citavi Picker (which comes with it automatically, unless you change the default settings).

Bamberg University has a campus licence for the full version of Citavi Team. All members of the University (staff and students alike) can use Citavi Team for free. You can have an unlimited number of references in your Citavi project and work on projects together with other users, which is not possible with the limited version.

Requesting the Licence Key

Click here to request a licence key and follow the steps listed in the email that you will get from Citavi.

Tip: Your University email address proves that you are a member of Bamberg University. Please note: your request will not be facilitated if you send it from another email account!

Adding the licence key later on is not a problem even if you have already started working in Citavi Free. Your data will not be lost and you will not have to re-install the programme in order to get the licence.

Licence Terms

With the licence key you have the right to have Citavi on two computers (at home and at your workstation) or on a PC and a USB key for as long as you are a member of Bamberg University.

If you want the licence to be for an organisation or team, please enter the title of the organisation (e.g. the Chair, Research Project, etc.) in the field for the name ("Nachname oder Vorname").

Renewing the Licence

The current campus licence is valid through to September 2018. When it is renewed, an email with the new licence key will be sent to you automatically if your is still valid at that time.

If you do not enter the new licence key, you can still use the data that you had previously saved, but you will not be able to add more.

You have graduated? (Congrats!)

If you wish to continue working with Citavi after your graduate, you may acquire the Citavi Pro Licence, which has no time limit, at a 50% discount. Important tip: This is only possible for as long as you have your email address.

You can continue to use Citavi without a licence as well. However, you will only be able to have 100 references per project. Data that has already been entered will not be lost if you do not renew your licence.

The set-up file contains a number of pre-settings so you can use Citavi effectively at Bamberg University.

Download and Import

Download the set-up file(6.0 KB) (Right-click: Save As...)

Last updated: 03 November 2016

In your menu in Citavi, go to the tools menu, select Import or export settings --> Import and select the downloaded file.

After the import, you can choose the following settings:

  • A selection of online databases, reflecting the subjects that can be studied at Bamberg University, where you can run your search queries directly within Citavi and import bibliographical details into Citavi. For databases that cannot be accessed by the general public, Bamberg University has obtained user licences. The necessary registration details have already been stored in the system.
  • A selection of import filters, based on the range of subjects offered at Bamberg University, which you can use to import bibliographical details that you had previously exported from various databases.
  • A pre-setting for online catalogues for importing data via an ISBN download.
  • Necessary settings for using the availability search via OpenURL (SFX)
  • Necessary settings for location search queries in the Online Catalogue.

Having trouble?

If you have trouble accessing a database, please email us at literaturverwaltung.ub(at) If the University Library has a given user licence, we can add the access details in the set-up file.

Citavi is installed on all of the public PCs of the University as well.