CD-ROM databases

The University Library has a separate server where it offers access to some databases that were originally published on CD-ROMs.

How to start CD-ROM database programmes

You will find all CD-ROM databases in our Database Information System (DBIS).

How does that work?

When you use CD-ROM databases, the application runs on a server of the University Library (a so called Terminal Server). However, the programme window of the application is displayed in your browser.

Saving files

In order to save files from CD-ROM databases onto your computer, you will first have to save them on drive X. It is possible that at first an error message will pop up. You can ignore that.

 Then save your file on drive X ("Lokaler Datenträger X:").

 Some software may show more local drives.

You have to save your file on drive X. It is not possible to export files from any other drive. Please note that all files on drive X will be deleted after closing the session.

For exporting the file to your local PC you may use the Ericom Floating Toolbar.


If you wish to print something from CD-ROM database programmes, the server first creates a PDF file which will open up in the PDF reader on your computer.

You can then print or save it as usual.


In the Internet Explorer the clipboard works as usual.

In other browsers you may use the Ericom clipboard: First you have to mark the text you would like to copy. Then click on "Click here to copy to local clipboard".

Afterwards open the Ericom clipboard.

From this window you can copy and paste the text to other applications.