Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards are available at Branch Libraries 2, 3 and 4 as well at the ERBA Library.

An interactive whiteboards (IWB) is a comination of a whiteboard, video projector, and touch-screen. You can use your finger or a special digital pen; this will make your presentations better and more lively than if you were to use a conventional video projector.

Just like on your smartphone, on the IWB, you may use your finger to scroll and zoom. It is also possible to add comments to both the content of the presentation slides and to what is being displayed on the screen. ActivInspire software allows you to create flipcharts and save the result of your work as a PDF file. This makes IWBs ideal for teamwork.

Tuition fees were used to purchase these whiteboards for you to use.



You may use the whiteboards without reserving them. The accessories, i.e. digital markers and the remote control, are kept directly next to each whiteboard. Please DO NOT use normal markers to write on the boards, that includes erasable pens. Use digital markers ONLY!

The whiteboards are fully operational with the connected Library notebook. If you hook up a different laptop computer, they can be used like a normal video projector with speakers.

Click here(587.4 KB) to find the quick guide [German only].

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