Kolloquium Mo 13.10.2014, 12 Uhr, WE5/05.0013

Martina Milovec: Applying Inductive Programming to Solving Number Series Problems - Comparing Performance of IGOR with Humans (Masterarbeit AI)

Number series problems in IQ tests are challenging, especially for humans and computer programs. This thesis presents a comparison study between the IGOR algorithm and human performance on number series problems. IGOR's task was to find a correct function for number series problems with different complexity factors, in order to generate the number series from this function. IGOR's performance results bring closer the capabilities of a computer program to the human intelligence. The introduction of this thesis describes induction and the psychological background. Furthermore, different computer models for solving number series problems, such as MagicHaskeller, ANN, Semi-analytical model, Spaun, Asolver and Seqsolver, are given. A short introduction to the IGOR algorithm in Maude and representation of number series problems in IGOR is also given. The results first focus on the human performance and the preliminary study on number series problems with IGOR. Secondly, the comparison of both performances of IGOR and humans are represented and summarized. The conclusion gives an overview of the results, problems and some corresponding solution suggestions, as well as ideas for further research on number series problems with IGOR