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Dr. Sebastian Matyas

Dr. Sebastian Matyas worked for the university until July 2010.


My PhD project focuses on quality aspects when aggregating spatial data sets provided by expert and non-expert sources. The goal of my work is to use technologies from Web 2.0 (social networks) and Semantic Web (formal ontologies) research to develop a rule-based language to conduct an aggregation process that increases the quality of the resulting spatial data collection. I first encountered the issue while working on a mobile mapping system for built heritage conservation scientists in a DBU funded project “Digitales Dombauarchiv” (only in German). During my research in the field of location-based gaming I was involved in the creation of the Geogames framework, which brings traditional tabletop games into the real world. Here I had my second encounter with the proposed subject.

Beside my PhD project and my lecturing work, I am further working on the Geogames and the FluPa-Guide project, as well as continuing to develop additional components for the Mobile Mapping System (only in German).

Currently I am developing a MMO Geogame - see the CityExplorer homepage for more information - with the help of Maiko Kamata (Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University) in Japan, Christian Matyas and the rest of the Geogames-Team. The game should mainly help to acquire spatial data from all over the world to use it in the semantic aggregation process.

As part of my further scientific tasks I have done reviewing work for the KI 2006, the AGILE 2007, the externer Link folgtACE 2008 and the externer Link folgtCHI2009 conference. Furthermore I was part of the program committee for the Gameo-On NA 2006, 2007 and the Game-On 2007 conference.

My research interests include:

  • Spatial data integration, respectively aggregation
  • Location-based/pervasive games (see also the externer Link folgtLBG-Database)
  • Location-based services
  • Mobile computing

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