Faculty of Information Systems and Applied Computer Sciences

Chair of Computing in the Cultural Sciences

Dr. Claudia Heß

Dr. Claudia Heß worked for the university from July 2004 till February 2008 as a scientist.


I finished my dissertation "Trust Based Reccomendations in Multi-Layer Networks" in January 2008.My dissertation is jointly supervised as a “cotutelle“ by Prof. Dr. Schlieder and Prof. Dr. de Rougemont (University Paris-Sud 11, Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique). The "cotutelle" is granted by the Franco-German-University. For my stay at the LRI in Paris in 2006, I had a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

In my dissertation project, I develop a multi-layer architecture that integrates trust networks, document reference networks and further networks such as organization networks. These multi-layer networks permit generating highly personalized, trust-based recommendations, for example, for document rankings.
The dissertation proposal is published in the scope of the ECDL ’05 Doctoral Consortium in the Bulletin of the TCDL .

In the Laboratory for Semantic Information Technology, I’m involved in the COM project and the COST Action G9.

My research interests include
• Social network analysis
• Link mining
• Ontological modeling

Recent Publications

www.claudia-hess.de (currently only in German)