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ISDL-SOA: SOA-Governance and Evaluation

Service-oriented architectures are seen by many people as the gateway to achieve improvements in IT solution development. However, SOA is more than just a new approach to how IT systems are linked together. It calls for a radically different approach to IT governance. 

Research shows that while many companies’ IT organizations are well on the way to adopting service-oriented architecture (SOA) capabilities, many find their progress slowed by big questions about who now owns the business services - and who controls them. IT leaders are learning that if they are to achieve high performance with an SOA strategy and implementation, they must update and extend their IT governance structures so they provide guidance for the development and maintenance needs unique to SOA. SOA governance supports more efficient management of the overall SOA journey. Just as important, such governance supports better ways of funding, managing and operating the IT organization in support of SOA implementation. 

The lecture “Service Oriented Architecture Governance and Evaluation” deals with the design, implementation and test of SOAs, as well as with how to set up an effective SOA governance. The lecture combines theoretical information, real life examples from practice and several exercises to enhance the learning experience and leave the participants with an understanding what SOA and SOA governance means when put in practice. 

Course structure

SOA and SOA Governance defined

• SOA Defined; Capabilities, Benefits and Costs

• SOA Governance Defined; Capabilities and Risks of Ungoverned SOA

• Possible roadmap for implementing SOA Governance

Analyze and Design a SOA

• Service taxonomy

• SOA architectures and SOA data architecture within IT governance

• Business Process Design

• Service design and identification

Build and Test a SOA

• SOA development

• SOA Testing Strategy and Techniques

Security and Auditing

• SOA specific challenges

• Securing Web Services

• Securing SOAs

Setting up SOA governance

•Organization Roles & Approaches

• Metadata and Policy

• Service Lifecycle Management

• Service Versioning and Naming

• SOA SLA Management and Billing

• Evaluation of an effective SOA and SOA governance



• SOA and SOA governance in practice; Tools and vendors

• Best practices and key success factors

Further information

The module is credited in A6 in Bachelor IISM. 

The language of the module „SOA-Governance and Evaluation“ is German, the exam is also available in English.

A limitation of participants exists for this course. Please make your application using the form stated below until Sunday, 15th October 2017. You’ll receive the notification of participation or refusal until 17th October 2017.