Welcome to the International Guest House of the University of Bamberg

Charming accommodations in the heart of Bamberg: The Bamberg University Foundation has created exceptional accommodations for university guests from Germany and abroad. Three two-room apartments and one one-room apartment are available for temporary use in the building located at Fischerei 5, also known as the Haus zum Wasserwirt. The unique monument is located in Bamberg's historic centre at the rear side of Klein Venedig near the river and is part of the Altstadt Bamberg ensemble. It lies within a few minutes' walk from the university buildings in the city centre, the majority of which house the Faculties of Humanities and Human Sciences and Education.

With its unique appearance – characterised above all by its exceptional gabled shape and roof construction – the unusual-looking timber-framed house doubtlessly contributes to the recognition value of the row of fishers’ houses in its present display. It is part of the historic settlement of fishermen in this area, even though it is not one of the typical fishermen's houses situated directly along the river.

Contact Persons

For further information on the International Guest House, its furnishings, costs or booking arrangements please contact

Name & AvailabilityName & AvailabilityName & Availability

Alexandra Wolf
Dr. Sandra Niemeier
Phone: +49 951/863-1162

Georg Schrepfer
Tuesday mornings
Phone: +49 951/863-2008

Sabine Zeilinger
Tuesdays and Thursdays
Phone: +49 951/863-1081

welcome.international(at)uni-bamberg.de or universitaetsstiftung(at)uni-bamberg.de