House Rules Guest House of the Bamberg University Foundation

In the mutual interest of all house residents with regard to sharing common living space and to the proper treatment of the rental building and its communal facilities, all residents undertake to observe the following house rules.

Care and Due Diligence

The entrance and courtyard doors must be kept closed at all times. Escape routes (house and courtyard entrances, stairs and corridors) must be kept clear at all times. However, this does not apply to prams, walking aids and wheelchairs, as long as these do not block any escape routes and do not present an unreasonable obstruction to other residents. If residents become aware of any damage, in particular to fresh or waste water pipes and the heating system, they must inform the owner (Landlord) immediately. Storage of toxic or flammable substances in the apartment or the hallways is forbidden.

Quiet Times and Noise Prevention

The residents are obliged to show each other consideration. All official regulations have to be observed. In case of celebrations on special occasions, all tenants should be given sufficient notice.

Cleaning and Waste

The house and grounds must be kept clean and tidy. Household waste must only be disposed of in the bins provided. Consistent separation of waste is to be ensured. Hazardous waste and bulky items must not be disposed of in these bins. They should be disposed of separately in accordance with the city's statutes. No waste, food leftovers, grease or other objects that could lead to blockages of the sewage system may be disposed of through the drainage pipes – especially in bathrooms, kitchens and toilets. These items have to be disposed of in the waste container provided or in accordance with statutes pertaining to special waste. Cleaning of the communal spaces and corridors, as well as the removal of snow and ice, will be carried out by third parties commissioned by the Landlord.

Ventilation and Smoking

Care must be taken to ensure sufficient ventilation of the apartment, also in the cold season. For this purpose, the windows should be opened for a short but adequate length of time. Air from the flat, and in particular the kitchen, must not be evacuated into the stairwell. Smoking and open fires are prohibited throughout the interior of the building.


It is forbidden to park motorised vehicles in the courtyard, on the footpaths and the green areas. Cars and motorbikes may not be washed, repaired or otherwise serviced (e.g. oil change) on the property. Bicycles may only be parked in the areas provided for this purpose.


Pets are not allowed.

Disregard of the House Rules

In case of disregard and violation of the house rules, the Tenant will receive a written warning from the Landlord. In the event of multiple warnings, the Landlord may terminate the lease agreement without notice.


These House Rules may be amended at the Landlord's discretion.