The Chair of Heritage Sciences contributes to the Master's programme in "Denkmalpflege / Heritage Conservation" (German only) and the Bachelor-level minor in "Kulturgutsicherung" (German only). Both programmes are also directed by the holder of the Chair. Our programme advisors are available to answer any questions you may have. 

Please note that German is the primary language of instruction for Heritage Conservation Studies. Accordingly, all students need an adequate level of spoken and written German (B2 or higher).

Central topics in the teaching of the Chair of Heritage Sciences include the methods, theories and concepts of heritage conservation in both contemporary and historical perspective. Urban research and urban heritage conservation, international heritage cultures and the World Heritage concept as well as post-war reconstruction and the preservation of modern architecture are further topics of particular interest.

Special emphasis in our curriculum is placed on the development of skills in the research, recording and evaluation of architectural monuments and built ensembles. The teaching programme of the Chair of Heritage Sciences is supplemented by a number of courses regularly offered by specialists from various institutions, such as the Bavarian State Conservation Office, the local heritage conservation authorities in Bamberg or the open-air museum in Bad Winsheim. Other teaching topics include conservation law and heritage management, approaches to urban renewal, the preservation of historic gardens, documentation techniques, and the acquisition of skills in key historiographical methods such as archival research.

Master's theses

Topics for final theses in the Master's programme "Denkmalpflege / Heritage Conservation" can be chosen from a wide range of themes in the field of heritage studies and the history and theory of heritage conservation. An overview of the topics addressed so far can be found on the programme's Profile page (German only).

Doctoral study

Talk to us at the earliest opportunity about the possibility of earning your doctorate with the Chair of Heritage Sciences!