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General questions for the Chair of Digital Technologies in Heritage Conservation (Enquiries, Project ideas), please write to: sekretariat.ddt(at)uni-bamberg.de

Questions about the M.Sc. programme in Digital Technologies in Heritage Conservation, please write to : studienberatung-msc.ddt(at)uni-bamberg.de

Chair for Digital Technologies in Heritage Conservation

NamePositionRoomPhone number +44-951-863 (add extension)
Prof. Dr. Hess, MonaHead/ ChairholderZW4/01.26/21634Students on Wednesdays, 1500-1630 with prior appointments through sekretariat.ddt(at)uni-bamberg.de , other visitors on any other day with prior arrangement through above e-mail
Schnier, Verena M.A.
Research Assistant, assitance in queries about the studies in M.Sc. Digital Technologies in Heritage ConservationZW4/01.251635Office times: Tuesdays to Thursdays, Queries about the M.Sc. program studienberatung-msc.ddt(at)uni-bamberg.de
Dipl.-Ing. Chizhova, MariaResearch AssistantZW4/01.251632
Colson, Amandine M.A.
PhD StudentProject room DDT, KDWT, ZW6/01.11a1631prior arrangement through mail
Dr. Hindmarch, JohnResearch AssociateZW4/01.241635
Ferreira, Wiebke
Personal Assistant to Mona Hess, Administration and SupportZW4/01.26/11633Office times: Monday to Thursday 9-13, Wednesday until 17.
Dr. Wernsdorfer, MarkTechnicianZW4/01.271636Office times: Tuesday to Thursday between 9:30 and 17.

This is a map of where you find us: Chair for Digital Technologies in Heritage Conservation and the KDWT (Centre for Heritage Conservation Studies and Technologies)