Phil Burgdorf M.A.

Research Associate/Teaching Assistant (IVGA) from 2020-21



My main research interest is the prehistoric use of caves in the Northern Franconian Jura and other karst landscapes in Central Europe. Since I have participated in several projects as a student assistant, I have been particularly interested in recurring ritual acts and their interpretation. In addition to the archaeological finds, my field of study includes the scientific analysis of human remains (14C, isotope analysis and aDNA analysis). From absolute dating or determination of origin, bone material can provide to valuable information about the living conditions in prehistory .  I am therefore familiar with interdisciplinary work,  as it is part of my projects.

The Franconian Jura has been my main research region since my Magister’s degree. During the evaluation of Neolithic finds from an excavation in front of the Jungfernhöhle, in the Bamberg region, I gained experience with GIS, skills I have further advanced to pass on in my teaching. With my experience in practical archaeological field work, which I continue to pursue professionally, and the planning and implementation of geophysical surveys, I would like to show in my courses how field archaeology can be combined with remote sensing and GIS-analysis. This is a way to recognize and protect ground monuments, one of the main tasks of archaeologists.

Besides academic research, I have dedicated time in working with groups of the general public who are interested in archaeology, particularly the Arbeitskreis Archäologie Bamberg. Together with members of this group, we pursued an archaeological project, which was supported by the regional Bavarian heritage office.




Research interests

  • Prehistoric, medieval und postmedieval cave use in Central Europe
  • Sacrafice and ritual acting in prehistory
  • GIS-based spatial analysis and landscape archaeology
  • Non-destructive geophysical surveys (Gradiometer, GPR)

Curiculum Vitae

Since April 2020 Research Associate/ Teaching Assistant for Digital Geoarchaeology (IVGA), University of Bamberg.

2019 Geophysical studies and acrhaeological field survey at the "Schlossberg" near Tiefenellern, Franconian Jura. Together with members of Archäologischer Arbeitskreis Bamberg.

Since 2017 Scientific and technical management of archaeological excavations and surveys in Bavaria, Archäologische Ausgrabungen A. Pross Bamberg.

Since 2014 Teaching assignments for the Professorship for Prehistoric Archaeology and Digital Geoarchaeology

March-June 2017 Advanced training in the area of web-based GIS, GIS-Servers and GIS-Datamanagement.

2014–2016 Technical Employee in the area of Strctured Light Scanning and Structure from Motion at the Professorship for Prehistoric Archaeology, University of Bamberg.

2007–2014 Magister Artium: Prehistoric Archaeology, Medieval and Postmedieval archaeology and Cultural Heritage Conservations. Titel of the Magisters Thesis: The Michelsberg Culture in western Upper Franconia. Evaluation of the excavations at the Jungfernhhöle near Tiefenellern 2008/ 2009.