Analysis of Caribbean historic landscapes

In cooperation with colleagues in the Netherlands and the Caribbean, and explicitly, the team, we apply a variety of non-destructive techniques on historic activity in the Caribbean. This is a continuation of three years postdoctoral research at Leiden University, Focal region is currently northern Hispaniola, specifically where Columbus founded the first colonial settlements and the Spaniards started their conquest of the ‘new world’, today a region interconnecting Haiti and the Dominican Republic. From the indigenous peoples who lived in the regions to the Spaniard, French and Creole culture, all have marked the regions, leaving a diverse heritage further to be investigated. Methods applied from here have been the use of drones (Sonnemann et al. 2015, Sonnemann et al. 2015b) remote sensing (Sonnemann et al. 2017), and ground penetrating radar (Ulloa Hung & Sonnemann, 2017). The plan is to extent this research onto neighbouring islands.