Augsburg Augustus Fountain

Fountain of Augustus in Augsburg

Guided tour through the historic water management of Augsburg

the first IVGA excursion after one and a half years visits a world cultural heritage site

The day excursion was organised to conclude the lecture "Water Management from an Archaeological Perspective" and the seminar "Water & Cultural Heritage." Since Augsburg's water management system received UNESCO World Heritage status in 2019, it was an appropriate and geographically close example of historic water use for a day excursion. In a two-hour guided tour, the various aspects of water management, such as the course of the canals, the mill wheels, the crafts running on water energy and the innovative drinking water supply via pressure pipes, were vividly explained.To understand the situation of the rich merchant city of Augsburg at that time the trip concluded in a visit of the Fugger-Welser Museum.

[T.F. Sonnemann, Informationsverarbeitung in der Geoarchäologie]