T. Sonnemann

New Research and Teaching Associate

Florian Linsel has started as the new research associate for digital geoarchaeology in May 2021.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Archaeological Sciences from the University of Marburg and has completed a Master's degree on his core area of interest, archaeoinformatics at the University of Cologne. There, he was employed in the internationally designed Collaborative Research Centre 806, in which he was primarily involved in two projects: in Bad Kösen-Lengefeld and in Al-Ansab, Jordan. SFB 806 deals with the migration of modern humans from Africa to Europe, in which the site of Al-Ansab plays a special role as a link between the two regions. He applied y his archaeoinformatics knowledge in database management and the use of programming languages within archaeological projects. He has written his Master's thesis on the complex impact marks on bifacially worked Palaeolithic stone tools, which he analysed using the mathematical concept of the fractal dimension.

Following his Master's thesis, he was involved in several projects as a research assistant and coordinated several archaeoinformatics-related projects within them.

His research focuses on the automation of work processes and the quantitative analysis of archaeological, climatological and image-based data. Furthermore, he is interested in geophysical prospection methods, the data of which he would also like to analyse automatically in the future.

We welcome Mr Linsel as a new team member and are looking forward to bringing new innovative and interdisciplinary research approaches into IVGA teaching.