The course is divided in a theoretical part, delivered via lectures and a practical part with hands-on introductions to the different techniques. A fieldwork of two days is followed by data processing and discussion of results. At the final day of the course the participants will present the results.


This years fieldwork will focus on Závist, an oppidum near Prague. Initial lectures  of the summer school will take place at the facilities of the Czech Academy of Sciences. All course participants are encouraged to bring their own laptop and a digital camera.

Social Programme

Depending on the situation in September we'll probably be offering a reduced social programme.

Preliminary Plan

Morning Introductory LecturesField data collectionField data collectionField data collection/ Data processingPreparing presentation
AfternoonArrival of the German teamVisit to ZavistField data collectionField data collectionField data collection / Data processingPresentations
Evening(guided city tour)ice breaker  barbequereturn journey