Anna Regener M.A.

University of Bamberg
Faculty of Humanities and Cultural Studies
Professorship of Historical Geography
Am Kranen 12
96047 Bamberg, Germany

Phone: +49 951 863 2378
Fax: +49 951 863 5316
E-Mail: anna.regener(at)
Twitter: @Regener_A

Research interests

  • The concept of the German "Heimat" and spatial identity constructions
  • Processes of nation-building
  • Anarchist Geographies
  • Historical geography of books
  • Visualization of bibliographic data

Short biography

Since December 2019 I am working on my PhD in Historical Geography. Previously I studied Geography at the University of Bremen. My studies of street names and memorial culture in Bremen subsequently led me to the master's degree in Historical Geography at the Otto-Friedrich-University of Bamberg. I wrote my master's thesis on the topic "The diehards? (Re)constructions of 'Heimat' in Vogtland Heimat-annuals 1898-2018".

Since 2017 I am active on the board of "Historische Geographie Bamberg e.V" – the geographical society in Bamberg. Furthermore I produce and edit the science podcast "Historische Geography – Aktuelle Forschung".

Dissertation project

Keyword: Anarchism. The historical geography of books.

In my work, I explore how books on anarchism have been distributed globally from the early anarchist works from around 1800 to the anarchist studies today.

The book thereby is understood as materialized knowledge, a medium of memory, a cultural artifact, and as evidence for the existence of intellectual and economic networks.

The historical contextualization and evaluation of the books' digital entries in the locally differentiated databases serve me to answer the question of how and where ideas are preserved and revitalized - despite the fear of political persecution. By locating the publications according to their place of publication and library, and by classifying them historically by year of publication, a broad spatio-temporal network is created. I will visualize this circulation of knowledge and ideas using a Historical GIS (HGIS).

My research is located at the intersections of historical geography, book history, anarchist geography, network research, and digital humanities.