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The latest FAQ for employees

Please be aware: Whenever new federal guidelines for dealing with the Corona pandemic are announced, they first have to be translated into state law in the individual federal states. If corresponding general regulations are established for Bavaria, specific regulations for the Bavarian universities and colleges may also result. This process usually takes a few days before detailed, legally binding regulations are issued. As soon as the university executive board is aware of new developments or the executive board passes new resolutions itself, we will inform you immediately on these pages. Until then, the most recent information communicated and published here applies to the University of Bamberg.

► 18 November 2022

Quarantine and protective measures

Please click here for more information about the current situation at the University of Bamberg.

If an infection with coronavirus is confirmed, please inform:

If you are not able to work, the usual regulations for sick leave apply. If you have a positive corona test, you must wear a medical mask (surgical mask) or a FFP2 mask when leaving your home. However, when your are alone indoors, you do not need to wear a mask. There is also no need outdoors if you are able to keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters to others.

Do you suffer from the consequences of a corona disease?
The following page of the Bavarian State Ministry of Health and Care gives information on Long-Covid or Post-Covid Syndrome: https://www.stmgp.bayern.de/coronavirus/post-covid/

Usual rules on sick leave apply. A corona test is recommended for cold / corona-typical symptoms.

Quarantine of close contacts does no longer apply –  since 13 April 2022.

If one of your team members has tested positive, the person must inform:

Regulations and support for telecommuting

Please contact the HR department regarding leave of absence.

As the personnel department has already received a large volume of questions concerning telecommuting, we ask that you please keep telephone contact to a minimum, and that you instead contact the personnel department by email whenever possible:

Derogations for academic staff

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research has decided to increase the six-year maximum term for employees in the qualification phases of doctoral studies or habilitation stipulated in the Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz (WissZeitVG) by six or twelve months, respectively. The procedure for contract extension as such remains unchanged: If the supervisor agrees to the contract extension and has the necessary resources, a substantiated request can be ordinarily submitted by the supervisor.
Only those employees in qualification positions in accordance with the WissZeitVG are entitled to the exception. The maximum permissible extension of the maximum fixed-term period depends on the time of employment. The following currently applies:

An application for extension of the contract by up to 12 months beyond the maximum fixed term can be submitted if the employment relationship existed between 1 March 2020 and 30 September 2020.
An application for extension of the contract by up to 6 months beyond the maximum fixed term can be submitted if the employment relationship existed between 1 October 2020 and 31 March 2021.

An employment over the entire period is not required.

There is no application deadline for an extension. If an employee realises in two years that the six-year period has been reached and the doctoral or habilitation project has not yet been completed, the contract can still be extended at that time, provided the employment relationship existed within the stipulated period.

Currently, two programmes are helping early-career scholars facing additional burdens in their everyday lives and academic work due to the difficult conditions of childcare or care work during the coronavirus pandemic:

1) CatchUP: CatchUP is a programme run by the university women's representatives for early-career female academics with children and/or care work who had less time available for qualification work due to the measures taken in response to the coronavirus pandemic. They are now being given the opportunity to be supported by a student assistant in order to continue working on their qualification projects.

2) FlexKidz: As a family-friendly university, the University of Bamberg grants female postdocs and habilitation candidates with children subsidies for childcare costs, irrespective of the coronavirus pandemic. Financial support can be requested for the short-term care of one or more of your own children under the age of 14 if, for compelling and professional reasons, you are unable to take care of them yourself (e.g. during conferences).

Organisation and service

Please check the necessity of business trips. Business trips will only be authorised if they are absolutely necessary. In the case of trips to areas outside Europe, it is necessary to request approval from the President (for academic staff) or the Head of Administration (for non-academic staff). For travel within Germany and Europe direct superiors will be responsible for taking decisions concerning approval of these business trips and it is no longer necessary to obtain special approval from the President or Head of Administration.

Due to the Corona pandemic, there may be entry restrictions for foreign guests. We therefore recommend that you inform yourself carefully before entering Germany or Bavaria. For this purpose we have listed the most important sources of information for you.

The psychosocial counselling team is available by telephone and email. Contact information is available (in German) on the group's university intranet website.

Please find further information about dinning halls and cafeterias here.