MIT – Mentoring and Information Program for the Active Participation of Female Students and Doctoral Candidates with Impairments

Due to a lack of funding, MIT is currently on hold. We are happy to inform you about other forms of support (bafbs(at)

MIT is aimed at female students and early-career researchers with a disability or an impairment who want to pursue a doctorate. With the help of MIT, you can be paired with a suitable mentor from the University of Bamberg and take part in a framework program that provides information on how to arrange your doctoral studies. MIT thus aims to help its mentees in the pursuit and completion of their PhD. In addition, this program provides a space for mentees to discuss the challenges of living with a disability or chronic illness while working on a PhD.

Please Note: We encourage everyone, regardless of German language skills, to participate in this program. While you are welcome to find a mentor who will work with you in English, the events and general correspondence of the program will mostly be conducted in German. For this reason, German proficiency is extremely beneficial, but we will do what we can to ensure that all participants get the most out of the program.

MIT is a cooperation of the Women's Office, the contact point for studying with disabilities at the University of Bamberg, and the 'Fachkolleg Inklusion an Hochschulen - gendergerecht' of the Hildegardisverein e.V.