Humanities Faculty

Chair for English Literature Studies


Prof. Dr. Christoph Houswitschka


Thursday, 16-17

Since the secretary's office is currently closed due to illness, you need not write your name onto the list. Please just show up for the appointments printed above and be prepared to possible wait some time for your turn.

For appointments in Prof. Dr. Houswitschka's office hour, please write your name on the list (U9 2nd floor) or write an email to our secretary, Frau Hirschmann-Raithel (gisela.hirschmann-raithel(at)

An der Universität 9. Raum 202
D-96045 Bamberg
Telefon (0951) 863-2173
Telefax (0951) 863-5173
E-mail: christoph.houswitschka(at)

Gisela Hirschmann-Raithel


Please note: Due to illness, the secretary's office is closed until further notice. In urgent cases, pelase contact the research assistants.

An der Universität 9. Raum 202
Telefon (0951) 863-2173
Telefax (0951) 863-5173

Sprechzeit: everyday 10:00-11:00
E-mail: gisela.hirschmann-raithel(at)

Dr. Susan Brähler

Akademische Rätin (in der Funktion einer Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben)

On maternity leave as of 2.3.2018

An der Universität 9. Raum 02.04
Telefon (0951) 863-2175
Email: susan.braehler(at)

Prof. Dr. Beatrix Hesse

Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben

Office hour by appointment via e-mail: beahesse(at)

Prof. Dr. em. Klaus Peter Jochum

Contact: gisela.hirschmann-raithel(at)


Chiara Manghi, M.A.

Research assistant

Tuesday, 14-15

An der Universität 9, Raum 204
Telefon (0951) 863-2175

Email: chiara.manghi(at)

Kerstin-Anja Münderlein, M.A.

Research assistant

Wednesday, 16-17

An der Universität 9, Raum 201Telefon (0951) 863-2170Email: kerstin-anja.muenderlein(at)

Lisa Schädlich, B.A.

Research assistant

regular office hour: Tuesday, 14-15
MA office hour: Wednesday, 15-16

An der Universität 9, Raum 201
Telefon (0951) 863-2170
Email: lisa.schaedlich(at)

Lehrbeauftragte (visiting lecturers)

Igor Baldoino
Monday, 11-12


Ines Reckziegel

Student assistants

Igor Baldoino

Alexander Feitenhansl

Janina Lupprian

Marcellina Scheller

Klara Spechtenhauser

Ellen Werner