The Conference Venue

The entire conference will be held at An der Universität 7, room 01.05 (U7/01.05)

The building U7 is located at the very heart of the University of Bamberg. Together with the surrounding university buildings located along the street An der Universität and the cafés at Austraße, U7 is part of the centre of Bambergian student life. Both the train station (15 mins) and the coach station (5 mins) are at easy walking distance and a plethora of cafés and the green market are just around the corner. Most of the hotels are also not far away and can be reached on foot. Please check the section "Staying in Bamberg" for more information.

Parking at U2, however, is more difficult. Please check the section "Travelling to Bamberg" for more information.

For directions to U7, please click here.