Christoph Schlee (M.A.)


Christoph Schlee (M.A.)
Chair of Sociology, especially Methods of Empirical Social Research
University of Bamberg
Feldkirchenstraße 21
96045 Bamberg

phone: +49-951-863-2072

room: 01.17 B

office hours: please make an appointment via email

Academic positions

Christoph Schlee studied Sociology (M.A. 2015, B.A. 2012) at the University of Bamberg. During his studies he worked as a student assistant in the research project “Educational Pathways and Dropout From Higher Education”, at the Junior Professorship for Sociology with focus on educational inequalities. Additionally, he worked as a student assistant in the BiKS research project “educational processes, competence development and selection decisions in preschool- and school age”. From October 2015 to April 2018 he has worked as research associate in the international and interdisciplinary research EU-Horizon2020 project "Social Exclusion of Youth in Europe: Cumulative Disadvantage, Coping Strategies, Effective Policies and Transfer“(EXCEPT) at the University of Bamberg. Since October 2015, he has been working as a research assistant at the Chair of Sociology, especially Methods of Empirical Social Research at the University of Bamberg

Research interests

    • Unemployment, atypical employment, job insecurity
    • Social exclusion
    • Transition from School to Work
    • Social Inequality and Sociology of the Life Course
    • Qualitative Research Methods


      Schlee, C. (2018). The German case. In Bertolini, S., Deliyanni-Kouimtzi, K., Bolzoni, M., Ghislieri, C., Goglio, V., Martino, S., Meo, A., Moiso, V., Musumeci, R., Ricucci, R., Torrioni, P.M., Athanasiades, C., Figgou, L., Flouli, A., Kostouli, M. & Sourvinou, M.N. (eds.). Labour market insecurity and social exclusion: Qualitative comparative results in nine countries, EXCEPT Working Papers, WP No. 53. Tallinn: Tallinn University. Download

      Schlee, C. (2018). Young adults in insecure labour market positions in Germany – The results
      from a qualitative study, EXCEPT Working Papers, WP No 19. Tallinn University, Tallinn. Download


      [Nov 14-15, 2019] Participation at the ECSR network workshop "Labor market insecurity and health of family members" in Bamberg.

      [Aug 27-30, 2017] Participation at the 6th Workshop of the EU-Horizon-2020 EXCEPT Project in Thessaloniki, Greece and presentation on "The voice of youth about policies in Germany - results from EXCEPT project".

      [Feb 22-24, 2017] Participation at the 5th Workshop of the EU-Horizon-2020 EXCEPT Project at the Education Research Institute (IBE) in Warsaw, Poland and presentation on "Job insecurity and autonomy of young adults in Germany".

      [Sep 21-23, 2016]Participation at the 4th workshop of the EU-Horizon-2020 project in Sofia, Bulgaria.

      [Feb 24-26, 2016] Prof. Dr. Michael Gebel, Jonas Voßemer and Christoph Schlee organized the 3rd EXCEPT Workshop in Bamberg, which was attended by more than 40 international guests.

      [Oct 1-3, 2015] Participation at the 2nd workshop of the EU-Horizon-2020 EXCEPT project at the University of Torino, Italy. Read more about the workshop