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Welcome to the Bachelor (BSc) and Master (MSc) Program European Economic Studies (EES)

Economics in Bamberg

In 2000, the Bachelor and Master Program European Economic Studies (EES) was introduced at Bamberg University as the core study program for the study of economics.

The core curriculum of EES focuses on the field of economics while incorporating an European dimension through internationality and interdisciplinarity. Complementary modules in the field of languages and social sciences – partly obligatory, partly optional – and studies abroad allow students to gain outstanding expertise in the field of economics as well as to develop their very individual academic profile.


  • Interest in economic issues
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Interest in the application of advanced mathematical and statistical methods
  • German language knowledge

Selected Fields of Employment

  • Ministries and Public Authorities
  • Advocacy Groups
  • International Organizations
  • Research Institutes
  • Banking and Insurance Industry
  • International Enterprises
  • Consulting

Partner Universities

The University of Bamberg offers more than 300 exchange programs in almost 60 countries.

Further Information

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