Sunday, 25.06.2023


Bamberg, Erba grounds (Erba campus), entrance Erba bridge


Bamberg University Athletics Centre


Andreas Starke, Mayor of the City of Bamberg


Public race with Bavarian University Championships and Upper Franconian Championships over 10 km road race on measured course


Everyman/woman born in 2007 (OfrM born in 2011) or older


800 Participants

Start time:

10:00 a.m.


10km on a flat circular course from the Erba Campus along the Main-Danube Canal via Hain to Buger Spitze and back along the Regnitz via lock 100, towpath, crane, riverside path to the Erba Campus (officially measured course) For relays: Relief/handover of runners:in 1 to 2 at Buger Spitze (approx. kilometre 5.5)

Start fee:      

Adults: € 11,00

Youths (born 2004 - 2007, OfrM - 2011): € 8,00

Relay teams (á 2 persons): € 16,00

Pre-registration: SEPA direct debit (shortly before the race)

Late registration fee: € 4,00

Issue of race numbers:from 8:00 to 9:30 a.m. in the foyer of the Erba University Building.
Please come early!
Finish closing: 11:30 Uhr 

Food and drink:

Two/three drink stations with water (at km 5 and km 7/8).
Water, energy drink, fruit and biscuits at the finish line

Dressing rooms: 

Campus Erba, Foyer, An der Weberei 5


More information will follow.

Car parks:

Parking at the Erba Campus (public short-term parking in the underground car park, 1€/hour)


From 01.01.2023 only online via

Registration deadline:Thursday, 22.06.2023, 24:00 hrs
Late registration: on 25.06.2023 on site from 08:00 to 09:00 a.m.

Award ceremony:         

from 12:00 (Campus Erba / courtyard), before: surprise performance
Scores:The 9th University Run is organised as an open public run (VL) and at the same time as the Bavarian University Championship (HM) and the Upper Franconian Championship (OfrM). All participants will start together. If you register as a member of a Bavarian university, you will automatically be classified for the Bavarian University Championship in addition to the general public race classification. University Championship. For the evaluation within the framework of the OfrM, please indicate your start pass number:  Bay. University Championshipsbayer. Hochschulmeisterbayer. Hochschulmeisterinbayer. Hochschulmannschaftsmeister (Damen, Herren)schnellster Bamberger Studentschnellste Bamberger StudentinVolkslauf und OfrMGesamt- und Altersklassenwertung gemäß folgenden Klasseneinteilung: [M/W U14 (only at OfrM)][M/W U16 (only at OfrM)]M/W U18M/W U20M/W 20M/W 30M/W 35M/W 40M/W 45M/W 50M/W 55M/W 60M/W 65M/W 70M/W 75 <Special prizes for the overall winner and the fastest teams, Info on team classification Team classification by time addition of the 5 fastest runners of a university (HM) resp. of a team (VL). A team consists of any number of participants from a club or group (e.g. working group, chair, department). The team name must be given at the time of registration. Please pay attention to the uniform spelling! Relays: fastest relay M/W/Mixed


Rebecca Hecht

Office hours (by telephone):

Monday 10-12 h

Thursday 10-12 a.m.

Tel.: 0951/8631938